Really glad to have you guys with us as part of the team. A sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts Keep up the amazing work guys! - Tony Samra

Our Services

Safety Inspections / Audits

Our audit process is unique to industry. We take great pride in helping empower workforces through education and awareness to achieve a safe work environment that promotes health and well-being, and to ensure your business operation is based on sound health and safety practices and in compliance with legislative policies, procedures and regulations.

Training / Communications

We will work with you to develop, implement, monitor and educate your team in the safety essentials. Our communications experts design around your needs listening also to what you want. As an approved service provider for WAH our expertise knows no bounds. Our programs are geared for understanding and positive learning outcomes. We often hear from participants that our programs are simply the best!

Accident Investigation

Government-prosecuted investigations can involve thousands of pages of evidence and highly complex legal issues. Case preparation must meet an advanced threshold of excellence. Our team approach and breadth of experience across many areas of law ensures your rights and interests are protected every step of the way. Helping you navigate through the complicated procedural and legal requirements provides you with a comfort level that ensures full understanding.

Emergency Response

Every hour of every day, we stand ready to respond to your needs and especially in serious emergency circumstances. Few people understand the complexity of emergencies or how to control them. Protecting your name, brand, board members and key players is important. Responding as a concerned and diligent employer sends a clear message that you are professional. Our team approach ensures you are involved as much, or as little, as you want.

Government Liaisons

We consider government bodies and elected officials as important stakeholders in our health and safety profession. We are committed to working alongside our government partners, as they play a key role in the health and safety process by adopting regulatory laws that enable our clients to promote a culture of workplace safety. We always encourage our clients to be cooperative in their dealings with government officials, as respectful and positive engagement is necessary and mutually beneficial.

Forensic Investigation

In the aftermath of a critical injury or death, it is important to have a response plan as these tragedies can result in Criminal Code and/or Regulatory charges. These investigations require a multi-disciplinary approach involving a team of legal, engineering, safety, and paralegal experts to ensure all facets of the investigation are managed expertly, right down to the smallest detail. Our dedicated network of top professionals is poised to help coordinate the necessary steps to protect your rights and interests.

Our Projects


Working with some of the province’s leading manufacturer’s to some of the world’s most sophisticated multinational companies, our clients rely on us for their specialized needs to keep their workers and work environments productive, efficient and safe.


Our commercial clients include some of Ontario's leading condominium corporations, developers, retail shopping centre developers and some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies. They partner with us to ensure OH&S compliance in very complex environments.


We work with some of the finest residential low-rise and hi-rise developers and many of the sub trades that supply services to this industry to ensure compliance to ever changing law and timely turnovers.


We work with governments, universities, colleges, correctional facilities and the schools’ system province wide, with a particular expertise in facilitating wide stakeholder understanding and acceptance.

Why Choose Us?

For 20 years, CMC’s commitment, vision and leadership on health and safety practices is unsurpassed. We remain committed to ensuring workplace safety by maintaining the highest safety standards and continuing to improve upon existing laws, policies and regulations. We continue to cultivate our positive safety culture in partnership with some of Canada’s elite companies, further raising the benchmarks or our profession, simply because the safety of our clients’ workers and working environment is our highest priority. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to delivering superior service with a comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ business interests and needs. Out track record and 20-year history of success across a broad spectrum of services is undeniable. Our approach is simple yet unique; We simply never take anyone’s health and safety for granted.

  • 20+ Years of Exceptional Customer Service

    Founded in 1996, CMC has been involved in billions’ worth of construction and renovation projects, with clients of varying degree of size, industry and complexity. While business today differs from that 20 years ago, our philosophy has not changed. Our success stems from our clients’ vision. From big airport projects to massive industrial expansions, our commitment to superior customer service is the foundation of our brand. That sentiment is as strong today as it ever was.

  • Very Competitive Rates

    Having the required credentials, expertise and the ability to deliver sound, practical solutions possess great value. Our multi-skilled health and safety experts are built to succeed in a rapidly changing industry where competitors often fail. We are successful because our valued and loyal client base – that depend on us for a superior quality of work – refuse to look elsewhere.

  • Very High Rates of Customer Compliance & Success

    We have had award-winning success in protecting our clients and reducing the health and safety risks associated in their respective industries. We continually strive for excellence through diligence and a focus on compliance. Be assured that our experienced, well-informed staff will always address your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Honest, Professional, Solution Oriented and Dependable

    Great customer service is about character; it’s about experience; and it’s about being fearless in the pursuit of service excellence. We deliver the promised service to our clients competently, reliably and accurately every time, all the time. Our clients’ come to rely on our highly skilled qualified people, who go above and beyond what might be expected, 24 hours a day.

  • Expert Safety Knowledge & Reputation

    CMC routinely networks with teams of experts in legal, safety, health, engineering and a variety of other professional services. The need for leading expert advice can come at a moment’s notice so having some of Canada’s best and brightest minds at your fingertips –and ready to serve you – is critically essential. With a solid reputation for our knowledge base and expertise, we stand by the quality of our work.

  • Superior Round the Clock Quality

    Clearly, one of the most troubling challenges facing any employer is how to deal with a workplace fatality of catastrophic event. Accidents happen fast and disasters can strike at any time, without notice. When they do happen you want to be prepared. Fatalities, critical injuries and other traumatic events require an immediate and decisive response. We are not just a good idea. We are a necessity.

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